citra peel sealer remover to open the pores



Question: Will your Diamond Pads remove concrete sealer so that I can stain? Also, the finisher burned some areas with a power trowel. Will the pad open the pores for stain?

Answer: Firstly, If it's an acrylic cure and sealer that you're wanting to remove, use our Citra Peel and a Black Pad. Then, prep with our 30 grit Satellite Pad. Citra Peel is a nonflammable, water based acrylic coating remover for use on concrete floors, paving blocks, etc. to safely remove the acrylic sealer. It’s low odor is ideal for interior use and Citra Peel’s should be used to strip off old acrylic sealers. The black pad is designed as an open web. Ultimately, this allows any stripping solution to flow through the pad, increasing pad to floor contact for more efficient stripping. The Satellite Diamond Pads are very aggressive. Because of this, they will open the pores and leave a nice hairline scratch profile for a stain and seal.
Most customers end up using our Satellite Pads to polish the floor and add dye for color when they have a new floor that's in good shape. Experience the difference of professional grade quality pads! Have questions of your own? Reach out directly by emailing [email protected]!