Brown (TL) Water Based Stain


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Water based concrete stain from Concrete Floor Supply are non-acid, polymer bonded concrete stains. These stains penetrate into the concrete surface to product vibrant, long-lasting UV stable colors. Stains dry quickly and have amazing color control!

The colors represented above are to serve as a guide only. Variations may occur due to a wide range of variables in the concrete surface , including but not limited to, the quality and degree of workmanship, curing conditions, prior glues, sealers, and contaminates. The colors displayed are accurate to laboratory samples. If exactness of color is critical, it is recommended that a job site test/mock up is performed. Always test.  Please utilize proper surface prep procedures.

Data Sheets
Container Size 1 Gallon
Coverage Rate 250-300 Square Feet Per Gallon
Type Non-Acid, polymer bonded concrete stain
Odor Slight
Toxicity Low, Harmful if swallowed
VOCs Low, Less than 100 gm/L
Flammability Non-Flammable
Composition Various UV stable coloring agents in an aqueous penetrating polymer binder
  1. Clean the concrete surface to make sure it is free of any topical coatings, oil, grease or dirt stains. Use Cirta Pro or Super Blue according to the problem.
  2. Apply the stain with a brush, sponge, or plastic sprayer in the color and technique of your choice. Do not over apply and do not allow the stain to puddle.
  3. Allow the floor to dry thoroughly. Drying time will vary according to the surface conditions and humidity.
  4. Apply sealer to enrich the color and protect the surface. We recommend our Super Prime as a base coat followed by one of our WB Urethanes as a topcoat. For outside projects we recommend one of our outside sealers.
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Question: What is the best sealer over a stained concrete floor?
Answer: Our WB Urethane Gloss is the most popular sealer over stained concrete. It is a glossy sealer with an extremely high adhesion with all the durability benefits of a urethane.

Question: Is Envirostain a solid color or translucent?
Answer: Envirostain is translucent so you will see any variations you have in your concrete. Think of it loke wood stain. It will change the color but you will see some of the concrete below.

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