Water Based Stain System

Uses nanotechnology to penetrate your concrete giving you optium color control.  

A professional grade floor application now easy enough for anyone to perform.

Cost effective starting as low as $.54 per square foot

Our Enviro Stain system is a safe and effective way to stain concrete surfaces. This system features no VOC products and utilize nanotechnology to deeply penetrate the substrate with a permanent stain that is UV stable. Not only do you have excellent color control, but the dry times are quick so there are less trips to the job-site. No more cleaning of stain residue.

Step 1:

  • Prepare the floor with our Concrete DNA Diamond Pads with Resins; (30 Grit)
    • Run the pad with plenty of water under a low speed floor machine.
      • Add a dilution of 1 parts Super Blue and 9 parts water to the floor to help 'open' the concrete.
    • Squeegee water and remove from floor with a wet/dry vac.
    • Insure the floor is clean of dust and foot prints by lightly mopping.
    • Let floor dry until the surface appears dry.

  • Floor Completion After Step 1


Step 2:

  • Stain the floor with Concrete Floor EnviroStain (water based stain)
    • Spray the floor with the stain and insure 100% coverage; generally 300 square feet per gallon and microfiber the stain into the floor ensuring not to leave streaks.
      • Note: a small mock up area is recommended before doing the entire floor
  • Let the stain dry on the floor; preferably overnight.

  • Floor Completion After Step 2


Step 3:

  • Seal the floor with Concrete Floor Supply Ez Seal
  • Ez Seal can be applied with a microfiber flat mop or 3/8th Nap Roller Cover
  • Apply at least 2 thin coats

  • Floor Completion After Step 3


Step 4:

  • Apply Ez Glo floor finish for sacrificial protection
    • Allow sealer to dry for at least 12 hours
    • Apply at least one coat of Ez Glo. Spray and microfiber the floor.
    • Buff with a 3000 Grit Concrete DNA™ Double Sided Diamond Pad if desired.




Interior floors where odors are a concern
Stencils and logo work
Basement floors
Jobs where you need more control over final color outcome


Excellent color control
Very quick dry times on both the stain and sealer
Safe to use
Easy to apply
UV stable


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