Water Based Stain System

Our Enviro Stain system is a safe and effective way to stain concrete surfaces.  This system features no VOC products and utilize nanotechnology to deeply penetrate the substrate with a permanent stain that is UV stable.  Not only do you have excellent color control, but the dry times are quick so there are less trips to the job-site.  No more cleaning of stain residue.

Recommended Uses

  • Interior floors where odors are a concern
  • Stencils and logo work
  • Basement floors
  • Jobs where you need more control over final color outcome

System Features

  • Excellent color control
  • Very quick dry times on both the stain and sealer (Enviro Seal)
  • Safe to use
  • Easy to apply
  • UV stable

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Blue TL
Brown TL
Burnt Orange
Dark Brown
Dark Green
Green TL
English Red
Grey TL
Light Blue TL
Light Brown TL
Light Green TL
Light Grey TL
Malay Tan
Terra Cotta
Turquoise TL
Yellow TL

Super Blue

Super Blue is a penetrating concentrated descaler and concrete surface renovator. It removes lime, mortar, scale, rust and more. It is the safe substitute for muriatic acid and is combined with many of our concrete systems!

When using Super Blue in our U Stain It WB Stain System you will need to dilute the product 1:9. This will help insure that proper profiling and cleaning is done to your concrete surface. 

Citra Peel

Citra Peel is a non-flammable acrylic coating remover. It is highly recommended to use during the acid staining process because it will remove any cure or previous sealers which would prevent the stain from penetrating and reacting with the concrete.

To test if you have a cure or a sealer on your concrete you can use the water test. Pour some water onto you concrete if it suspends you either a cure or a previous sealer and you will need to remove this prior to any stain being placed onto the floor.

Waterbased Concrete Stain

Water based stains use nano-technology to create a deep penetrating permanent color in your concrete. These stains feature UV stability and will not fade in direct sunlight. It is ideal for interior or exterior applications. It produces vibrant, long-lasting stains that enhance any concrete surface!

Enivro WB Sealer

Enviro WB Sealer is a tough, non-yellowing acrylic sealer specifically designed for our Water Based Concrete Stains. It can be used indoors and outdoors to seal and protect surfaces that have been decorated with WB stains.