Everything you need to successfully give your floor that aged patina look with reactive acid stain from Concrete Floor Supply. Take on your floor staining project with quality products and complete systems. After prepping with your Concrete DNA Satellite pad (30 grit) the acid stain is applied and reacts with the floor to create its own unique effects. Our acid stains literally burn the concrete! Once the burning is done…simply clean the residue formed with water.

We have a few great choices in sealer depending on if you want gloss or matte.  Our water based urethanes are both 2 component products.  We feel that the durability of our 2 component products far exceeds that of single component products that others promote.  The WB Urethane line also offers better resistance to chemicals and hot tires. The suggested primer for the Urethane is our Super Prime.

There is no reason not to have beautiful concrete. Stop living with that drab floor. The beauty of stained concrete is its affordability and durability.

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