diy epoxy flake flooring



Highly popular seamless floor coating system with many uses.

  • 100% solids epoxy and
  • Color flakes options (15 colors)
  • Seamless, easy to clean floor.
  • Available by the kit for easy installation.
System Overview
  1. Properly prep surface. Insure that it is clean, dry and properly profiled.  Diamond grinding is the preferred method for prep.  Liquid cleaners or concrete profiling agents such as Super Blue can also be used as a secondary choice.  Our supply shop rents diamond grinders in the Kansas City and surrounding area.
  2. Apply base coat of Epoxy Flow 100 with chosen colored epoxy pigment additive.
  3. While base coat is still wet broadcast Concrete Floor Supply Epoxy Flakes to the surface (multiple light broadcast are recommended until the floor is fully saturated with flakes, typical flake amounts needed are 12% of the floor square footage. e. a 600 sq.ft. floor will need 72 lbs of flakes)
  4. Before 24 hours has elapsed and the base coat becomes tack free drag a straight edge floor scraper or other tool to knock down the jagged flakes. Vacuum and blow floor clean
  5. Apply the second coat of Epoxy Flow 100% Solids UV stable Epoxy (clear)
    1. Add Monkey Grip epoxy anti slip additive for increased traction
    2. Note: a primer coat using our “Moisture Mitigator” is optional, but will
      1. better insure moisture vapor transmissions will not come up through the coating and
      2. will also help in adhesion
      3. will minimize outgassing in subsequent coats