Satellite Pads for concrete floors



Question: How do you know when you have done enough work on each grit when polishing with the satellite pads

  • You want to make sure and run the pads slow with water so each grit is processing the floor to its maximum ability. This is typically a visual aspect that our customers pick up on really quickly when they start using the pads.
  • It is always recommended to cross cut your floor. Meaning, cut it North and South, then going over your floor once more East and West direction. More often than not cross cutting the floor like this is enough use with the pad.
  • Never use double the grit value (skip steps).  For example if you use a 100 grit pad, your next pad should be 200 grit, then 400 grit.
  • To start the polishing process (typically our 50 grit satellite) and you are not getting the floor 'even' would need to drop a grit because your not being aggressive enough.  Polishing is more of where you start a floor.  Starting at too high of a grit, or hurrying your initial steps will result in a lesser quality end result.

More about our Diamond Satellite DNA Pads:

Concrete DNA™ Diamond Satellite Pads are professional grade diamond impregnated pads that can be used dry or wet. They are available in 16″, 20″ and 27″ diameters and a range from 30-1500 grits. These pads will open the surface of flat concrete and hone the surface to properly accept a densifier/hardener and continue to hone and polish to 1500 grit. These diamond impregnated concrete polishing pads are unique in the fact that they have a diamond resin material blown onto both sides of the pads. The also have diamond dots (satellites) that allow for a superior flat cut that no other pad can do. Many customers find that on new concrete floors all they need to get a professional polish job is to use our pads….no big grinder. In fact, our level 2 concrete polish system, was designed to mimic the owner of concrete floor supply’s experience while consulting with Wal-mart and Sam’s club. On new floors they use an 800, densify, 1500, all wet. They then buff with our 3000 grit(Concrete DNA™ Double Sided Diamond Pads). Watch the video below to see us demonstrate running satellite pads across a concrete floor. For more helpful videos like this, subscribe to our YouTube channel!