stain that's too dark




Hello. Using your Cola Acid Stain on an outdoor patio for a customer and the sample patch was a little dark for their liking. To get a lighter shade should I wash the stain off earlier to stop the reaction, put it on damp concrete, or dilute the stain before applying? Thanks for your time.

acid stain


Great question! Our concrete stains utilize a chemical reaction to transform an ordinary concrete slab into a one of a kind luxurious looking floor for a fraction of the cost. The single component stain reacts with the concrete to form a variated color effect.  This stain will not chip or peal from your concrete surface.  The other benefit of our stain beyond its high strength formulation is that it does not require neutralization like many other acid stain products on the market. This is very durable outside and will also add great beauty to their patio.
There are two ways you can take a dark stain and make the final shade lighter. First option would be to dilute the acid stain itself. Second option would be to wash the stain off earlier in the process. In addition a second test patch should be done before completing the project. As a result their outdoor patio will end up with a lighter colored coating.
concrete acid stain example
Don't forget using the proper sealer on your acid stain is most important!
We recommend our Crete Seal EXT. - Great sealer for pool decks, patios, stamped concrete, and more. Crete Seal Plus Ext. is a non-yellowing, high gloss, siloxane modified MMA, perfect for exterior applications. Its unique formulation provides superior water and salt resistance compared to standard acrylic sealers. This is a performance sealer. Can go over solvent acrylics (always test an area first). Improved resistance to de-icing road salts, pool decks with saltwater pool systems, rain, sleet, and snow are achieved due to our advanced chemical reactive formula.